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We are a multi-division softball league offering a wide range of training and games to suit all experiences. You are in great hands with our Oxfordshire Softball League Association and you will have lots of fun playing the mixed (co-ed) team sport of softball.

If you are new to the game or a softball seasoned pro, we have softball training or games for you in Oxford. Get in touch and come try softball with us.

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Softball in Oxford

Welcome to the largest Oxford Softball League - the home of softball in Oxfordshire. On our web site you will find details of how to join a team, dates for introductory training, as well as details of the 2019 season schedule and the league table.
Softball has been played in Oxford since the early 1980's with the Oxfordshire Softball Association (OSA) founded in 1990. The Oxford Softball League plays most of its games on Tuesday nights at Oxford Sports Park, Horspath Road, Oxford.
Contact us, or head over to our Facebook page for announcements of events, training and scheduled games.

What is softball?

Currently, the Oxford Softball League is for mixed (co-ed) slowpitch softball, although there are occasionally opportunities for ‘single sex’ and many of our players play fastpitch softball. Slowpitch softball is a social team sport, played by teams made up of 5 men and 5 women. The ball is thrown (pitched) underarm and, hopefully, hit by the batter towards the fielders on the defensive team who wear gloves on their non-throwing hand to catch the ball. Its closest comparable sport is baseball. Despite its name, the ball is hard, but larger than a baseball.

Looking to play?

If you’re new to the sport, or new to the league and would like to find an introductory session, please head over to our get involved page.
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